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Faith Formation/Religious Education

St. Edmund Parish
2460 Ocean Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11229
Contact the parish office for details. 

The Office of Faith Formation provides for the ongoing development of the Catholic Faith and sacraments for adults and children at St. Edmund parish. We also oversee the sacramental process and preparation for infant baptisms, adults seeking Confirmation and for the RCIA and RCIA/C programs for those interested in becoming Catholics.

We provide periodic faith formation activities such as introductions to various forms of prayer and small faith sharing groups during Advent and Lent.

Working with the School of Religion and Elementary school we assist in preparing our students for the sacraments of “First Penance”, “First Holy Communion” and “Confirmation”. 

 The School of Religion oversees the Catholic education of parish  children for students in grades 1 - 8. Our children’s faith formation takes place both virtually and in the school building through catechism classes known as the Conformity of Christian Doctrine (CCD), which is the preparation of Catholic children who have been baptized but have not yet received first Holy Communion or Confirmation. The School of Religion’s ministry is to assist young people, to give them a deeper relationship with Christ so they might be able to receive the sacrament of Penance, the sacrament of first Holy Communion, and continue to grow into their knowledge of Christ until they are fully initiated with the sacrament of Confirmation.